Data protection

The organizers of the YaYuCo are taking the protection of your personal data very seriously and are strictly complying with the rules of the data protection law. Personal data are only collected if necessary. The following explanations provide some overview of how we guarantee this protection and which data are collected for which use.


Anonymous data collection

In general, you can use our websites without telling us about your identity. The YaYuCo webserver creates a logfile with customary data your browser is conveying explicitly or implicitly, e.g. IP address, time of the server request, referrer browser type or version, referrer URL (the website visited). These information are at most used for statistical purposes and are helping to improve our services. You are staying anonymous individual user.


Collection, processing and use of personal data

Personal data are only collected if you are telling these to us during ticket order or contacting us. Only the responsible members of the YaYuCo team can access these data. After conclusion of contract (= ticket purchase), your email address will be used (if at all) only for our own advertisement, in form of our newsletter. You can unsubscribe our newsletter anytime.


Circulation of personal data

Personal data are only transferred to a third party in the following cases

  • Ticket purchase: personal data (Name, date of birth) transferred to the YaYuCo team member responsible for bookings
  • If you have explicitly agreed to the circulation
  • If we are legally bound to transfer the data, e.g. when requested by the prosecution in a criminal suit



Webpages are using so-called cookies. They are needed to make our services more user-friendly and secure. Cookies are small text files (text files are harmless and can’t contain malware like viruses) your browser saves, e.g. to facilitate login or to prevent that some banner ad is displayed after each page view. Externally linked contents (e.g. banner ads) may possibly also use cookies, without us being able to tell you this. All basic functions of these website can also be used without cookies, if the respective setting is activated in your browser. Yet as especially login is optimized for cookies, occasional incoveniences (e.g. logout) may happen.


Further information and contact

You have the right to receive free information about the data we collect about you and – if applicable – the right of rectification, blocking or deletion of personal data. If you have any questions about collection, processing and use of your personal data, please feel free to contact us. The same goes for information, requests for deletion or rectification of your personal data as well as retraction of previously given consent. Our contact address is found in the website credits.