Welcome to the YaYuCo!

YaYuCo is short for “Yaoi and Yuri Convention”. This means it is a venue for fans of Boys Love and Girls Love – which is defined as homoerotic content in Anime, Manga, Games, Movies, Books and Series of all sorts – and also a safespace for all LGBTQ+folks and allies.

It’s an event from fans for fans in a small, almost cozy setting.

The YaYuCo takes place in the Jugendgästehaus (youth hostel) Dachau and thus provides not only a homely location, but also accommodation right on the event grounds.

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a convention in a relaxed atmosphere, with enough time to meet new people, have a chat, or stroll along the Bring & Buy, this is the place to go.

The YaYuCo offers a unique convention experience in Germany!