What is the YaYuCo?

The YaYuCo (Yaoi and Yuri Convention) is an event about the topic Yaoi and Yuri (boys love and girls love). No matter in which context! From Manga and Anime, to games, movies and the one or other “shipping”.

Why is it called “YaYuco”?

We must admit, this is not the most fancy name for a Yaoi and Yuri convention, but we can promise you we had much worse ideas…

Why organize a Yaoi and Yuri convention?

Simply because there is no comparable event in Germany and we thought this must be changed urgently!

Yaoi is easy to spot at the YaYuCo, but where is the Yuri?

Actually, there is not so much Yuri available in Germany (or elsewhere). To raise the quota of girls love, we have been working together with the team of GirlsLove-Comics, and in 2012 we were supported by Like a dream. Furthermore, some German publishing houses are also involved.

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