Vampire ball

Ticket-Sale starts 1st of June, 12am!

The convention vampires Count Victor of Kronos and his son Harald invite you to the first YaYuCo ball!

At castle YH Dachau the chandeliers are glittering and the crystal champagne glasses are clinking, for a great ball will be held as opening event of the big vampire conference in November! So robe yourself in your finest gowns, lace your corsets, put on your dancing shoes and straighten your bow ties!

To make the evening more interesting, we have decided to also invite some human guests. As a snack in between the meals…

Entrance fee: 5€

The entire revenue will be donated to the animal shelter in Dachau. The tickets are limited to 50 and can be booked like the Con ticket starting from May 5th. Please note that the tickets are exclusively per advance booking, not during the convention.

As convention visitors without ball ticket, you of course have access to the convention, but not the the room(s) where the ball is held.

We present: music, dancing and entertainment, snacks for refreshment and the election of the “bite of the night”.

There also will be bloody (non-alcoholic) drinks suitable for the aquired taste of vampires, which can be purchased for 50 Cents of service charge per glass. This charge will also be donated to the animal shelter.

When: Friday, 04.11.2022

Where: Room 1

Dancing lessons: 4:30-6:30 pm (for beginners and for recalling the basics)

Entry: from 8:45 pm

Ball starting from 9 pm

Election of the “Bite of the night”: ca. 10 pm

Disco: from around 11 pm

Way home: for those convention guests who are not staying overnight, we recommend to take a taxi home if you leave after the last regular bus (11:15 pm at the crossing). Get in touch with our helpers at the cashier and we will try to organize an inexpensive shared taxi for you.

Election for the “Bite of the night”:

Our convention vampires Count Kronos and Harald of course had a hidden agenda when inviting their guests. They are longing for the most delicious snack the night has to offer. Of course this is not a question of blood type, for their taste is much more refined. Their criteria are the overall impression, the presentation of oneself and the argumentation why you are the tastiest “Bite of the Night” and therefore the star of the ball.

If you want to be bitten…pardon…elected, please fill in your name into the participation list available at the ball until 10 pm. In case your don’t feel confident to present yourself to the jury alone, you can group up with other snacks to go up on stage – but you will be judged individually.

Naturally, you won’t be sucked dry completely – our vampires only have a sweet tooth! Instead, you will be granted a place at the side of the unholy lords until the end of the ball and are allowed to take a photoshoot with them.

To make the YaYuCo ball a glamorous event for everyone, please comply with the following dresscode:

– Regardless of the sex, genital area, derrière and nipples must be covered completely.

– No everyday clothing or “normal cosplay”, but elegant cosplays, gowns, cocktail dresses, tuxedos, suits, ceremonial uniforms or respective cultural clothing like Kimono – always accompanied by suitable shoes!

– No costumes exceeding 1,00 m diameter (wings, petticoats, hooped skirts etc.) -> you have to fit through the door, and the space is limited!

– No trains or dresses or trailing on the ground, so no one can step on them!

Please no costume parts, make-ups or accessories that can dirty or damage the clothing of other guests (e.g. by marking off, glittering off, damage by spikes etc.)

– Artificial blood: please don’t use it during the ball in liquid form (inside capsule, bottle, container, …) so you won’t make a mess and won’t “bleed off” to other costumes!

– In case of violating these rules, you can be denied access to the ball despite having a valid ticket.

If you are unsure whether your costume complies with the dress code, please send your photos to: info[at]yayuco[dot]de


Can I do cross-dressing at the ball?

– As long as your wardrobe complies with above mentioned dress code, you are free to wear whatever you like!

Do I have to dance at the ball?

– No, there is no obligation of dancing. You can also simply enjoy the evening with your friends.

Will there be pictures shot at the ball?

–  Yes, quite a few! One of our convention photographers will see and photograph you through the night. Feel also free to take pictures and videos yourself, but please not that the lights will be dimmed.

If you wish to take photos of an individual person or costume, please ask beforehand and also accept a refusal.