Check-in & check-out

Check-in on Friday:

Check-in is possible from 3 pm. But what if you arrive earlier, or it is cold outside, it storms or (heaven forbid!) SNOWS? Will we leave you outside in the cold? Of course not! 😉


All early-arriving guests will be lead to the bistro by a crewmember, where they can sit down and warm themselves while enjoying coffee, tea or hot chocolate. When the check-in starts, we will call them to the cash desk.


Check-in on Saturday:

Starting from 9 am. Basically same procedure as above. The ones who arrive already at 7:30 am may come in and wait, and don’t have to kill time by hopping around in the cold.

Late check-in:

Check-in on Friday is in principle possible until late at night. If you plan to arrive very late, it would be nice if you could inform us in advance so we know until when the cash desk should be on duty. But you can also contact the organizers by cell phone in case no staff is in sight upon your arrival.

Late check-in on Saturday is of course also possible (but we haven’t had this case yet).

Early Check-out:

Possible both for Saturday and Sunday. Please contact the staff at the cashier desk in advance (= day before) and get the phone number of the responsible helpers to call them when you want to check-out. This way you won’t have to wake up our whole team at 6:30 am…


Any other questions? Please feel free to ask anytime!