YaYuCo 2020 cancelled!

Dear guests, artists and merchants,

let’s not beat about the bush: we have decided with a heavy heart to cancel the YaYuCo 2020.

We know this sounded different just a short time ago, when we stated that we would only cancel the YaYuCo if we have no other choice at the time of the event.

But as there is an event ban at least until the end of August, many other events in autumn have also been cancelled we have zero security in planning, we have decided to take this step already now. One important reason is that we currently can still cancel the contract with the youth hostel Dachau for free.

Although we would get the deposit for the youth hostel back if the event ban is extended until November (and of course refund your tickets), but we would have to invest money elsewhere which couldn’t be refunded. As we are an event from fans for fans, our funds are very limited, and we could not absorb such financial loss. Furthermore, there would be an immense effort in cancelling and refunding the bookings, and you could probably not get your train tickets etc. refunded.

To put it all in a nutshell: We will continue our planning and invest the additional time in more games and actions for the next YaYuCo 2021.

When? November 05.-07. 2021

Everything else will remain the same, and we will inform you in time about the new booking dates.

We regret this step, but are convinced of doing the right thing and hope for your understanding!