Every year, there is an item on our agenda that is especially dear to us: the lottery for the animal shelter Dachau.


You can buy lots for 1€ each and hand them in to receive various prices, like stationary, art, merchandise, manga, DVDs, books etc. The prices have been donated by artists from our artist alley, publishing houses, shops and other supporters.


Every Cent you spend in the lottery will directly go to the animal shelter Dachau.


2018 we sold about 960 lots and made around 1000€. Thank you again for your great contribution! You are the best!


Together with the revenues from the cosplay auction, the Bring & Buy provisions and surplus from the entrance fees* we were able to collect 2000€ as donation to the animal shelter Dachau!


*The main part of the money is needed to cover expenses for the convention and its preparation, like bank account maintenance fees, printing costs for flyers and the YaYuCo booklet, decoration, food & drinks and rent for the location.